Brazilian organization Handsfree will bring accessible tech to Creative Business Cup

By October 20, 2017

The Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) announced its support for the Handsfree Institute, which will compete in the Creative Business Cup (CBC) in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 16th.

Handsfree Institute is a nonprofit that innovates technological solutions for low-income people with disabilities, and will head to Copenhagen to promote a device that enables people to control equipment – like computers – with just a head movement.

The Creative Business Cup is meant to connect entrepreneurs to investors and global markets, as well as increase their innovative capabilities to benefit the greater good. Handsfree was chosen to represent Brazil, for the title of the world’s most creative startup.

Handsfree was founded in 2015, and all income from the sale of equipment is invested back into the company for innovation. Products include the Handsfree Mouse Module Kit, which enables people to control computers, tablets and phones with a click of a finger, or the lips, as well as a House Automation Module which enables people to control different home devices, such as lights or TVs.

“Innovative and inclusive projects, such as Handsfree strengthen the sector’s development and attract foreign investors to the Brazilian market,” stated ABES president Francisco Camargo in B!tmag.

Handsfree was selected to compete in the Creative Business Cup by a team of 31 jurors across a range of sectors. Prizes for CBC 2017 have yet to be announced, however last year first prize totalled EUR 15,000.

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