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By September 19, 2018

ESPACIO announces today the launch of LATAM.tech, an English-language news publication devoted to startups and innovation around Latin America.

This will be the space where Latin American entrepreneurship and innovation can have their say. Although enthusiasm and optimism runs high among many of the ecosystems, the numbers still don’t match up on a global scale with research and development still lagging behind the more competitive countries.

LATAM.tech is here, however, to chart that growth. Whether it be through turbulent economic climates like Argentina or disintegrating political systems like Venezuela and Brazil, we’ll look to bring you the stories of the young men and women that are looking to innovate beyond the troubled times.

Whether it be journalists that see diamonds in Venezuelan data or Colombian edtech startups challenging the status quo, LATAM.tech will seek to ensure that the diversity of the continent’s ecosystems will be on display. Our range of news and features will be covering a gamut of topics, ranging from cryptocurrency and tourism to mobile-taxi apps and sustainable products, all from our base in Medellín, Colombia: Latin America’s newest centre of innovation.

Our site will be covering tech news, discover new and exciting startups, feature videos of entrepreneurs and play around with a little satire as well, courtesy of our section Non-starters.  If you have any tips have a great idea for a feature, do let us know at editor@latam.tech.

The publication is now syndicated via Google News and has its content syndicated on The Next Web. Through important partnerships with event organisers and other media we expect it to grow in size as more Latin American entrepreneurs make their rightful place in the global market.

ESPACIO’s launch of LATAM.tech is one of many that the media incubator has helped grow over the last couple of years. By way of example, Peru Reports is one of the most important English language news sources in Peru, and the company recently acquired The Bogotá Post online, a leading English-language newspaper in Colombia.

Other publications focus on the exciting new world of tech startups around the world, such as StartupBeat, Techli, and 150 sec, among others. ESPACIO was founded in 2012 by Conrad Egusa and Eddie Arrieta.

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