Fracttal announces new AI updates to help Latin American factories

By April 2, 2024

Fracttal, a leading asset maintenance management software that operates across Latin America, including helping manufacturers and logistics companies in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and countries in Central America and the Caribbean, has announced new updates to its Fracttal One software.

Fracttal One is a 100% mobile intelligent maintenance platform for factories, logistics companies and other firms that operate heavy equipment that require round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance.

With this update, Fracttal One will provide Latin American companies with a complete and easy-to-use tool to supervise their maintenance processes with greater sustainability, safety and efficiency, guaranteeing operational continuity and worker safety.

It will also reduce costs and extending the useful life of assets, something that is possible thanks to the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that monitor assets together with intelligent systems capable of detecting possible incidents and applying preventive and predictive maintenance strategies according to the needs of each company.

The new and improved version of Fracttal One brings with it a series of new features that include a much more modern and intuitive interface and the integration of a virtual assistant expert called Tony. The tool, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is capable of performing your queries with advanced capabilities that facilitate work every day.

Christian Struve, co-founder and CEO of Fracttal. Image credit: Fracttal.

“Fracttal One has established itself as the most powerful 100% mobile maintenance software on the market, helping hundreds of companies in Latin America to manage everything related to their assets from anywhere and without depending on a computer due to it being built for use on smartphones and tablets. The new version of Fracttal One is here to drive a new era of intelligent maintenance that will help make maintenance operations much more efficient. Companies will have a complete solution that will truly support teams like never before in maintenance management,” said Christian Struve, co-founder and CEO of Fracttal.

Founded in 2016, Fracttal has established itself in Latin America as the main market solution designed to operate on mobile devices, allowing maintenance teams to take control from a smartphone or tablet for real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics of assets.

The integration of Fracttal with other platforms has also been simplified leading to unprecedented flexibility and efficiency, new graphs that provide better analysis, and clearer insights into the data. Additional features include enhancement of the KPIs module, personalized filters and views, and other novelties that take the intelligent maintenance experience to another level.

The new version of Fracttal One and the previous version will be available for existing customers and for companies that implement the solution from now on.

The Spanish startup, which also counts a large team in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil, raised USD $10 million in venture capital funding in November 2023, led by Kayyak Ventures.

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