New data-center to open in Ecuador courtesy of Cloud Carib

By March 29, 2018

Ecuador is to receive a new data-center in Quito courtesy of Cloud Carib, a provider of managed cloud and ICT services. The Ecuador CaribPod, as it’s called, is now supported by Cloud Carib’s command and control centre in Nassau, in the Bahamas where the company is headquartered, which will offer round-the-clock support and service to clients. The center is classed as a Tier 4 facility from which Cloud Carib will provide managed cloud and ICT services to regional businesses and government agencies.

This marks the first time the company will make a foray into  Latin America after having already established a presence in Jamaica, Panama and the Barbados as well.

Speaking to, Cloud Carib CEO Scott MacKenzie said that Ecuador will be just the start of their Latin American journey. “We’re in discussions right now with another client for Bolivia. We’re a revenue-driven organisation and we’re going where our customers demand that we be. That’s the reason for Ecuador, we’re not building it so they will come. We actually do it from a revenue perspective.”

That revenue-building perspective has seen them register a record year for the company in 2017, as revenue doubled year-over-year along with the adding of over 40 new ICT jobs. According to a recent press release, the company put this down to growth that was “spurred by organizations seeking cloud technology expertise and help understanding the risks and regulations necessary to leverage and accelerate digital transformation.”

“We leverage technical facilities, operators, people that focus on building these data centers.” MacKenzie explained to us, adding that “We leverage either co-location spaces in those facilities or we build a private data suite facilities for our private cloud clients. We focus on hybrid and private cloud clients in government or financial services primarily.”

“The Caribbean and Latin America are just beginning to pursue digital transformation to boost local economies and deliver better, more efficient services to citizens. We are committed to being the region’s premier provider of cloud and managed ICT services, and we’ll continue to invest in our infrastructure over the coming months.” Mackenzie stated in a press release by the company.

Telecommunications and the need for data centers has driven similar investments across the continent. Earlier this month Telefonica announced that they had spent around $38m upgrading its Tamboré 1 data center in São Paulo, Brazil. The expansion added to the four data centers that the telecoms giant (also known as Vivo) have in the country, as well as the ones they operate in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.

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