Peruvian GIS startup AmigoCloud is on a mission to make mapping easy

By September 24, 2018

With the amount of geographic info available constantly increasing, data collection technology is developing at unprecedented rates. On a global scale, the Geographic Information System (GIS) market was valued $9,835.50 in 2017 and is predicted to grow by approximately 10% within the next five years.

However, the team at AmigoCloud noticed that the use of this technology was often limited to those with the knowledge and understanding to operate it.

Therefore, having spent years perfecting their expertise and experience in the field of GIS, AmigoCloud decided they wanted to make digital mapping available for everyone.

The computerised system the team has developed focuses on the capture, storage, manipulation and presentation of geographic or spatial data, which is all stored on AmigoCloud’s unique cloud-based GIS app, available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play. No previous knowledge of GIS is necessary to operate the app.

The first of its kind, AmigoCloud’s services are split into two categories. The first, ‘AmigoCollect,’ allows for collaboration within teams, such as between field and office workers. Whether online or offline, team members are able to visualise geographical data and produce scalable and flexible plans for everyone’s benefit.  

The other half of the startup’s services consist of ‘AmigoPlatform,’ an enterprise-ready platform that collaborates with businesses, helping them to create their own customised mapping solutions.  This platform gives businesses looking to add location intelligence to their software or analyse real-time data the boost they might need.

Founded in 2013, AmigoCloud is based between San Francisco and Lima and has been consistently named one of the companies who have made a difference by creating technology for governments.

Having previously worked with the likes of NASA and in former conflict zones, AmigoCloud’s co-founders aim for their company to have as much of a social impact as possible. One of their current projects includes a collaboration with Google maps which allows for the mapping of zika cases across the world.

The recent announcement of US $3 million in funding for the startup has come as welcome news for the team, whose CEO Ragi Burhum is an active member of the startup scene in both his native Peru as well as the US. AmigoCloud intends to use these funds to promote exponential growth in the States and expand their already-existing operation in Latin America.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company

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