Check out Latin America’s startup finalists heading to South Summit 2017 in Madrid

By August 27, 2017

The Startup Competition portion of South Summit 2017 is over and the 100 winners are out. Which Latin American startups will represent their countries in Madrid next October?

Over 3,000 startups from no less than 70 countries entered the South Summit startup competition last year, hoping to to make the cut.

The winners will have the opportunity to network in the big leagues, get massive media coverage and make their pitch to renowned VC firms and investors at South Summit, one of the largest in the world, taking place October 4-6 in Madrid, Spain.

In 2017 Latin America has 10 innovative startups from six countries among the selection.


OTTAA Project is a user-friendly tool for speech-impaired children and their families to communicate. Also a rehab tool for adults, it is a game changer for those suffering from conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Next step: integration with IoT for increased versatility.


ClickBus has been disrupting the intercity bus market across many countries since 2013. Thousands of users have benefitted greatly from their single-stop aggregation startup to buy tickets online from many bus operators, a task that previously required patience and many phone calls.


DART by teledx provides an online platform for retinal disease prevention. The AI-powered system can identify early-stage diabetes-derived eye conditions using only digital images. This results in lower healthcare costs and increased accessibility for patients.

Destacame is Fintech for the people of LatAm. Enabling its users to access information affecting their creditworthiness, Destacame allows them to take cards on the situation using alternative ways to improve their credit and gaining access to loans.

Ninjamails is a lead generator with a twist: it can directly e-mail high-profile players in any field simply by specifying a category, such as industry or department. Ninjamails is an innovative service that uses Big Data and AI for lead generation, especially helpful for other startups.


Ctzen is a direct link between citizens and their government that is already working in several cities such as Chicago, Medellin and San Francisco. This company is working together with government to provide resolutions: their app that enables any person to send a picture or report of a problem routing it to the appropriate department.


Uniko turns any wedding gift into what the newlyweds really want: appliances, a honeymoon or simply cash to get started. This approach not only removes stress from both the couple and the guests, it also increases flexibility in gift-giving, does away with wedding lists and reduces waste from unwanted or redundant gifts.

Homie plays for both sides in the long-term rental market. Providing means for both tenants and landlords to ease the burden of finding and approving guarantors and collaterals, collecting rent and even getting legal help, this service is disrupting the outdated scheme of rentals in major cities.


Chazki provides on-demand delivery services for retailers in LatAm, complete with payment platform and real-time tracking. An untapped market that has high potential for growth, paired with an easy-to-use and secure interface, Chazki undeniably deserved to make it on this list.

Turismoi arms tour companies in Latin America with a powerful software tool for finding niches and clients, and at the same time provides travelers with hundreds of personalized experiences via a user-friendly app. The two-pronged approach is a potential disruptor in the heterogeneous world of tourism.

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