Press Release: Applemanía debuts aiming to bring the latest news on Apple in Spanish

By March 22, 2018

ESPACIO Incubator has officially announced the debut of their new Apple Spanish news website AppleManía. Dedicated to the world of Apple’s and its innovation, this publication had begun to materialize in mid-2017, with a focus on answering the most perplexing questions Apple users may have.

The team at AppleManía is looking to bring the most up-to-date information from Apple, through updated, accurate and real news. On the other hand, this site reflects teamwork, which is characteristic at ESPACIO, with Alejandra Eusse as the publication’s leader, and Andrés Taborda and Jeniffer Espinosa as web editors.

“This publication represents a huge challenge for us, because that is where we reflect all the realities and the world of Apple. AppleManía, is the ideal platform to find and learn everything that happens with Apple and its equipment. There they will be able to know from the last telephone that launched to the Apple market and also of the new updates,” Alejandra Eusse said.

AppleManía’s published content is specifically based on language for fans and followers of Apple. For its part, AppleManía not only allows the dissemination of information, but also the growth of startups that are related to this industry.

AppleManía also notes that “in addition to having a team of professionals that is aware of all the latest from Apple, the publication also focuses on showing all the realities of the company.”

Finally, AppleManía is an example of the various projects led by ESPACIO, which aims to promote entrepreneurship, acceleration and growth of new companies in Latin America and the world.

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